Thursday, January 22, 2009

karate kid, ghostbusters, hooters and more...

a huge lot of t shirts have just arrived in our little store
in WEST END...
these are just a few to drool over
they are all one only secondhand and vintage tees
come and visit
karate kid's enemy

1988 michael jordan tee (rare and collectable)

1988 jordan tee (rare and collectable)

who you gonna call?

teddy tie dye

tie dye

mount dunkmore late 80's basketball tee

the most famous tee

a band and a way of life

how about those mets?

hooters nyc

Thursday, January 8, 2009

west end saturday

jill and jack
not all all like the first one?

pretty dresses

short shorts, long shorts, short ish skirts, long skirts
yes a choice

mens shorts
any shirt will do

a very impressive range of mens shirts
some would say


don't expect....but its old, and could make and out fit with it