Thursday, April 22, 2010


purple lightweight blazer

extra long mexican poncho

1988 nebraska sports jacket

such a beautiful smooth tan leather jacket

leather bomber jacket

customised punkish stud feature shirt

wrangler western shirt

levis denim jacket

hip length black leather coat, zip pocket features..great fit

knit scarf
black /white speckle double breasted jacket

80's geometric knit, with leather detail

lightweight cobalt blue blazer

black leather biker, tartan lining

80's adidas track jacket

tulip jumper

80's puma qld colours track jacket

80's multi colour lightweight jacket

polish military camo jacket

80's fluro sunnies
80's white lightweight long sleeve top

the shop is overflowing with amazing stock...come play with us.
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the sublime cowgirl said...

How much is the model? ;)

cara said...

That tulip knitted number with bonus collar is an absolute winner. I wonder if the goofy grin and rounded shoulders happen automatically when you put it on.

Leather Blazers said...

nice post love it